Writing and Poetry Contest

The Academia intends to hold a “Writing and poetry contest”, presumably every year, in order to encourage the production of poetry and prose in Venetian, and to provide a better circulation of the language in all its written and even oral forms.

Special editions of the contest may assign specific requirements of subject, literary form or other features, in order to participate in it.

Across the River

“I am a boy of the lower Piave …
I’m an old Veneto’s fanatic
and I will leave my heart here.”

Ernest Hemingway writes in a letter to Bernard Berenson in 1948, expressing all his affection for Veneto. It was the spring of 1918, during the First World War, when as an ambulance-driver volunteering for the American Red Cross he had the chance to come to know Veneto and he started loving it.
The young Hemingway found himself so near to the battlefield that he could not refrain from experiencing it straightaway, despite not being authorized to access the frontline. Using the pretext of supplying the troops with chocolate, coffee and cigarettes, he managed to reach the Piave line at Fossalta…