Translation of the Classics of world literature into Venetian

During the last centuries, several classics of the world literature have been partially or completely translated into the Venetian language.

The most prominent examples are: the Divina Commedia by Dante, translated in 1875 by Giuseppe Cappelli; and the Iliad of Homer, translated by Giacomo Casanova in 1775. Since several other works have already been translated (e.g., Virgil’s Bucolics, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, several parts of the Bible, etc.), the Academia considers important to follow this good practice and to improve the value of these works by creating a net of translators, in order to optimize the effort and increase the number of world classics that can be read in Venetian language.

Currently, Sun Tsu’s The Art of War and Machiavelli’s The Prince are already being translated and other works will soon follow.

“… als sollte über Nacht
der General des Meeres die Galeeren
verdopplen in dem wachen Arsenal,
um schon die nächste Morgenluft zu teeren,
mit einer Flotte, welche ruderschlangend,
sich drängt und jäh, mit allen Flaggen tagend,
den großen Wind hat, strahlend und fatal”

Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926)