The Projects of the Academia

  • A Salvage Project for the Venetian Linguistic Heritage

    The Academia intends to accomplish its  fundamental commitment of linguistic revitalization, promotion and enhancement of use and development of the language beginning ‒ as a first task ‒ with the rediscovery of the 1855 Dictionary by Count Giovanni Da Schio.
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  • Writing and Poetry Contest

    The Academia intends to hold a “Writing and poetry contest”, presumably every year, in order to encourage the production of poetry and prose in Venetian, and to provide a better circulation of the language in all its written and even oral forms.
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  • Translation of the Classics of world literature into Venetian

    During the last centuries, several classics of the world literature have been partially or completely translated into the Venetian language. The Academia considers important to follow this good practice and to improve the value of these works by creating a net of translators, in order to optimize the effort and increase the number of world classics that can be read in Venetian language.
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  • Lettering, font and new writing issues for 21st century

    The Academia believes that the Venetian writing would be enhanced by the development of a font series, with specific features. The typefaces we intend to design for Venetian will be able to represent at first sight the harmonic match between the writing and the sounding of the Venetian Language.
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  • Language & Art Project

    Especially in Far Eastern cultures, the ability has been widely developed to blend language and art, with admirable results: the fusion of these two means of human expression can provide a rather new and exciting field of artistic experimentation for the Venetian community of artists and writers that the Academia encourages with particular attention.
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  • Languange & the Web Project

    It is of special interest of the Academia that the offer of Venetian linguistic materials, information and skills online orientates towards a multimedia approach, thus enhancing the integral and progressive development of the language in all those forms and means of expression offered by the global market of ideas and technologies.
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“[Venetus est] pulcherrimus et doctissimus omnium sermo, in quo redolet tota linguae Graecae maiestas”

Ponticus Virinius (1460-1520)