A Salvage Project for the Venetian Linguistic Heritage

The linguistic heritage of the Venetian language is very rich  in quantity, with an ample variety in forms of linguistic expression: millions of political, diplomatic and legal documents and correspondence; thousands of poems, thousands of stories and thousands of novels; hundreds of theatrical pieces, epic poems, historical and scientific treaties, both original and translated; several dictionaries and grammars; one only language, with eight hundred years of linguistic activity.

The Academia intends to accomplish its  fundamental commitment of linguistic revitalization, promotion and enhancement of use and development of the language beginning ‒ as a first task ‒ with the rediscovery of the 1855 Dictionary by Count Giovanni Da Schio.

“Gran Dea, che, co volé, sé tanto cara,
del gran fio de Pelèo cantè la bile …”

Giacomo Casanova, Iliade in veneziano