The vision of the Academia

Several languages, several cultures, a lot of life.

The Academia believes that the Venetian Language ‒ after the great cultural, political and economic prestige it enjoyed for several centuries, being used at the official level in the powerful Republic of Venice ‒ can once again renovate itself, share its potential with the other languages of the World, express its vitality and prove its ability to generate new linguistic value through its fast, flexible and intuitive structure: the mother tongue of Marco Polo, Titian, Goldoni, Canova, Palladio, Vivaldi, Casanova still has something to say in this third Millennium.

“Venice, the eldest Child of Liberty.
She was a maiden City, bright and free;
No guile seduced, no force could violate;
And, when she took unto herself a mate,
She must espouse the everlasting Sea.”

William Wordsworth, On the Extinction of the Venetian Republic