An orthography to strengthen the Venetian language

Venetian words

Venetian is a Neo-Latin language ‒ such as Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian ‒ though a deeper analyzis reveals some outstanding facts. Despite being Neo-Latin, the syntaxis of Venetian shares some key-structures with Germanic languages (German and English), and also influences in the lexicon are surprizing: the Venetian language accommodates a high percentage of terms of Germanic origin and also of Greek origin (in everyday speech too), and even a consistent number of Arabic terms.
These rather eclectic characteristics make the Venetian language an incredibly interesting blend of linguistic influences as English is today.

The Academia has selected two thousand particular words of the Venetian language ‒ with specific characteristics of sound, morphology, etymology and use ‒ which serve as a living Manifesto of the cultural, social, historical, economic, scientific and linguistic importance of the Venetian language today.

“Seggendo in piuma,
in fama non si vien, né sotto coltre;
senza la qual chi vita sua consuma,
cotal vestigio in terra di sé lascia,
qual fummo in aere e in acqua la schiuma.”

Dante Alighieri, Comedia, Inferno, Canto XXIV