An orthography to strengthen the Venetian language

  • An orthography for the Venetian Language

    The Academia has elaborated a modern writing system, whose cornerstones are the international value of each letter, the current orthographic trends of the English language, the writing conventions…
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  • Venetian: an International Language

    The Academia works to rebuild the international prestige of the Venetian Language and as nowadays it is spoken by millions of people in different continents, we can undoubtedly say that it already holds considerable chances to become (again) an international language.
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  • Venetian words

    The Academia has selected two thousand particular words of the Venetian language ‒ with specific characteristics of sound, morphology, etymology and use ‒ which serve as a living Manifesto of the cultural, social, historical, economic, scientific and linguistic importance of the Venetian language today.
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“I veneti hanno la fortuna di avere una lingua che è poesia in sé, una musica perfetta…”

 Alda Merini (1931 – 2009)